American Center for Education

American Liberal Arts (ALA)

A. Origin:

American Center for Education

B. Course Names:

Diploma in American Liberal Arts Advanced Diploma in American Liberal Arts

C. Program Summary:

All modules in the Diploma in American Liberal Arts as offered by the American Center for Education are modelled directly on comparable classes that are a part of the curriculum at the University of Wisconsin – River Falls (UWRF), the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and the University of Wisconsin Eau – Claire. Every DALA classes has passed a multi-stage approval process involving tenured faculty from across the university.

First, the classes are developed by faculty in the specific academic department, then evaluated and approved by the departmental Curriculum Committee. Next, the classes are evaluated and approved by the College Curriculum Committee of the College in which the department is housed. In the case of the modules included in the Diploma in American Liberal Arts, this is either the College of Arts and Sciences or the College of Business and Economics. Then, the courses must be approved by the University Curriculum Committee.

Upon successful completion of the DALA, the certificate will be awarded by ACE. All Students then may apply for admission to a degree program at UWRF,UWM or UWEU. Upon admission to UWRF, UWM or UWEU, all credits earned in the DALA/ ADALA will be transferable to their degree program at UWRF.

This DALA course will mutually benefit all parties and students and will recognize the importance of international education while respecting the cultural and educational values of Singapore.

D. Entry Requirements:

Academic Requirements:

  • GCE ‘O’ levels or equivalent, or
  • High school graduates or equivalent, or
  • Completed Year 11 and above, or
  • Other equivalent qualifications from recognized institutions on a case-by-case basis, and
  • Minimum age of 17

English Requirements:

  • Pass GCE ‘O’ level English subject, or
  • Minimum TOEFL 61 IBT or equivalent, or
  • Minimum IELTS score of 5.0 (academic module) or equivalent, or
  • Pass the English Placement Test (students who are not able to provide GCE/TOEFL/IELTS English score)

E. Total Course Duration/Instruction Hours:

Full Time: 12 Months/360 hours, 5 sessions per week x 3 hoursPart Time: 18 Months/360 hours, 5 sessions per week x 2 hours Full Time: 20 Months/720 hours, 5 sessions per week x 3 hoursPart Time: 28 Months/720 hours, 5 sessions per week x 2 hours

F. Mode of Delivery, Class Size per Intake:

  • Lectures and Tutorials (Face to face)
  • Enrollments are at Mar, May, Jul, Sept, Nov.
  • Minimum Six (6) – Maximum Forty (40)

G. Course Modules:

For students joining the ADALA:

  • The students without diploma must complete two semesters’ modules (8 + 8 modules).
  • The diploma holders are required to complete one semester’s modules before being awarded the Advanced Diploma in American Liberal Arts.
  • Non-relevant diploma holders are advised to apply for module exemptions.

1. (SMUS 100) Understanding Music

2. (SBIOL 101) Concepts in Biology

3. (SART 100) Introduction to Art

4. (SCSTA 116) Business and Professional Communication

5. (SECON 100) Modem Economics

6. (SCSIS 215) Information Systems for Business Management

7. (SACCT 231) Principles of Accounting I

8. (SCSIS 120) Technology and Cyberspace: Ethics and Issues

9. (SPSYC 101) General Psychology

10. (SSOCI 100) Introduction to Sociology

11. (SACCT 232) Principles of Accounting II

12. (SMATH 226) Fundamentals of Statistics

13. (SECON 201) Principles of Microeconomics

14. (SECON 202) Principles of Macroeconomics

15. (SMNGT 250) Global Business & Society

16. (SMATH 156) Calculus for Business

H. Graduation Requirement:

Obtain passing grade for total eight (8) modules (include the exempted modules?) Obtain passing grade for total sixteen (16) modules (include the exempted modules?)
Clear all the outstanding fees

I. Assessment Methods:

  • Assignment (Homework, Quizzes, Group work & etc)
  • Mid-Term Examination
  • Final Examination

Click here to download the Course Syllabus & Synopses.

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