Summer Camp 2012

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The summer activity package at SITECH is designed to keep your child’s curiosity and learning alive in the core areas of development, without losing sight of the fun element.

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Summer camp is a supervised program for children or teenagers conducted (usually) during the summer months. The primary purpose of many camps is educational or cultural development. A summer camp environment may allow children to take healthy risks in a safe and nurturing environment.

There are very few summer camps in India. Kids and Teen Summer camps are popular in the northern parts of India whereas in the southern parts the trend only started about few years ago. There is a summer camp at Ooty Tamil Nadu called FrolicBoonies for kids from seven to 16 years old. Each camp is seven days long. Activities include jungle safaris, trekking, bird watching, fishing, wildlife tracking, horse riding, airplane modelling, astronomy and personality development. Personality development includes six sessions on various topics such as time management, healthy eating habits, memory power and concentration, obedience and honesty, leadership skills and development, and goal setting and achievement.

There are some other camps conducting activities such as drawing, dancing, yoga, vocal music, various crafts, rock climbing, mountain hiking, magic, doll making, rowing, cricket and tennis coaching.

In Rajasthan, Summer Camps are quite popular. Mostly run by the Mountaineering & Adventure association of Rajasthan or Patrika in Education in various fields

Bangalore has a host of ideas for the kids to spend the summer in the most innovative way:

ScienceUtsav conducts fabulous summer camps that concentrate on Science based activities where the kids are taught using experiments and interesting games and puzzles. The kids are given kits so that they can learn by actually making models and concluding by observations and speculations about various day to day phenomena. Kids love this way of fun based learning and this new concept has already spread to 7 locations in Bangalore within a year. Started by 3 youngsters the kids love it when they actually can communicate with the tutors as their friends and learn everything by doing.

JustBooks is another concept where kids can indulge themselves in reading a host of books during their summer holidays at the comfort of their home or at the library.

Brainwaves is an academy that concentrates on building the overall talent of kids and they concentrate on Arts, Craft and fun based activities like pottery, painting, etc.

Brainstars has been active in this field of parallel education since more than 5 years and are doing a great job by working with the underprivileged kids and have a great team to boast.

But SITECH offers summer camp for all students and kids to enhance their skills.

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